Photography has been a passion of mine since I was young. I have also  been in love with nature and flowers since I was a child, so my art has blossomed from this inspiration.

The flower images I have captured share through the lens what I feel in my heart when I am around these natural essences.  The majority of the images I have are from my organic garden, or around Alaska, and a few from our travels around the world.

Flowers lift our spirits.

Flowers heal.

Flowers inspire.

Flowers open hearts.

Flowers begin friendships.

Flowers give us hope.

It is my joy to share this collection of images with the world.

I offer my photography for sale in various forms from note cards to canvas. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing my photography products.

I kindly ask that you do not swipe or use any my images without written permission. It is bad karma to steal. These images are sacred and I ask you treat them so.

None of the photos displayed on this site have been touched up. All images are Unadulterated, untouched. All pure photographic snapshot.

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phone: 907.766.3697